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What is Jio Coin?

What is Jio COIN?

Akash Ambani believes in the future and seeing as crypto currency is the future, this initiative makes a sense. India’s very own telecom operator Reliance Jio which is planning to launch their very own crypto currency. The name for this crypto currency is Jio Coin, and this will help the customers to make digital payments very more comfortable. Last year we saw an array of the products such as the JioFi , Jio phone and now this is soon to launch the crypto currency that makes the transaction for services easy. This coin will be based on the Block chain technology. In the case of India, after Indicoin and Laxmi coin, Jio coin will be India’s third very own crypto currency.

Akash Ambani is the leader of this new project for the crypto currency. A group of the 48 individuals with experience about Block chain has assembled and are currently working towards the functioning of this new coin. The Jio’s coin is expecting to be a success. In the future many new Jio products are likely to be launched and to purchase those products, Jio coins can be using. They may come up with the offers to promote this new Jio coin service. Many of the people from India are unaware of crypto currency, so this might also be a chance for them to understand that how crypto currency is working and how it can be useful to them. Now China and South Korea have already banned the crypto currency trading in their country, so Reliance Jio is most likely to take the permission from the government for this new launch.

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