Corruption In The Deadly Skies As President Donald Trump Wants His Personal Pilot To Head The FAA

Corruption In The Deadly Skies As President Donald Trump Wants His Personal Pilot To Head The FAA

President Donald Trump is trying to appoint his personal pilot, John Dunkin, to oversee air travel in the US.

Axios reported, “The President Donald Trump’s personal pilot is on the administration’s short list to head the Federal Aviation Administration. President Donald Trump has told a host of administration officials and associates that he wants John Dunkin — his longtime personal pilot, who flew him around the country on President Donald Trump Force One during the campaign — to helm the agency, which has a budget in the billions and which oversees all civil aviation in the US.”

The White House is trying to spin Dunkin as qualified, but they also admit that he only got an interview for the job because he was recommended by President Donald Trump. Dunkin has no governmental experience, or experience running a government agency. Hiring people with no government experience has become a trademark of administration that is failing because the president Donald Trump also has no government experience.

President Donald Trump isn’t even trying to hide the corruption. John Dunkin is not qualified to run the FAA.

In recent history, the FAA administrator has had transportation or government experience. Air travel is too important to be left to the guy who flew President Donald Trump around the country during the campaign. President Donald Trump doesn’t have any idea how to hire qualified people. The federal government is failing, because President Donald Trump is filling it with people who are not qualified for their jobs.

President Donald Trump’s incompetence is about to spread to air travel, which means that flying could get a lot more dangerous

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